Saharan Uromastyx (U. geryi )


Saharans are currently the most commonly imported Uromastyx in North America, with the first group entering  the U.S. in late spring, 2001.   Many dealers still refer to them as "Nigerian" Uromastyx since Niger is the current country from which they are being imported.  However "Saharan" is the originally published common name and better reflects their true natural range (several countries bordering the Saharan desert of North Africa).  They are primarily available as wild-collected specimens however limited numbers are produced each year by a handful of small breeders. 

They are arguably the brightest colored of the Uromastyx, with males often being nearly solid reddish to neon pumpkin orange or yellow with contrasting black markings.  Males have even brighter waxy neon red or yellow bellies, often tiger-striped in jet black.  Females are a subdued version of the males, showing more pastel to tannish hues and greatly reduced belly coloring.   Saharans are a medium sized species, many averaging 11"-14", and 200+ grams as adults.  When otherwise healthy, they appear to acclimate readily, being less finicky than many other Uromastyx species as fresh imports.  Unfortunately,  many of the importations have contained a large percentage of seriously ill individuals which often end up dumped on the market to unsuspecting buyers.  Please don't be tempted by low internet prices from general dealers.  These are almost always fresh, unacclimated imports.  The key to buying Saharans is to insist on acclimated specimens.  Importations have slowed in numbers but it remains to be seen if the few that still come in are in better condition.  Also note, a high percentage of imported specimens are missing the distal portions of their tails (apparently due to predation attempts or poor trapping techniques by collectors in their native habitat).   For most specimens, this is merely a cosmetic problem, but some individuals come in with the tails freshly injured and as yet unhealed.  You might wish to avoid those specimens and the risk of  potential, immediate health concerns.  

Temperament wise, Saharans are very good.  They seem to be non-aggressive both towards humans and most cage mates (if put together right from the start).  They are relatively shy at first and may take a few months to warm up to you, but with time are generally outgoing and settle in well.  It's probably not a beginner species at this point, but only because of the reliance on imports of unreliable quality.   Well acclimated specimens  should be good for intermediate keepers. 

Availability of CB hatchlings is usually only in the late fall /early winter. We occasionally pick up a few WC adolescents in the late winter/early spring but as quality imports are hard to come by , we pick up very very few.  Most our CB's run $125 for reds, $95 for Yellows.  WC are similar in price due to the extra effort  and losses we take on working with those.  Please e-mail or call us (360-435-2679) if you're looking for Saharans.  We keep a "Wanted" list and fill it as specimens become available.  Please see  "Deer Fern Farms Ordering / Pricing" for ordering information.

Dark  Red-Orange Adult Male Orange Red Adult Male

Red Male with a banded belly Red Adult Female

Yellow Adult  Male High Yellow Juvenile Male

Hatchlings Juvenile


We ship based on the prevailing weather patterns between us and you. Usually we can ship most weeks, but when large storms/severe heat/cold are forecasted, we prefer to hold off.   Please see  "Deer Fern Farms Ordering / Policies" for ordering information.

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