Hermanns Tortoise (T. hermanni)



Bernnie (male)  Bertha (female)


Multiple subspecies exist of which only the eastern race of T hermanni  is well represented in the U.S. herpetoculture. At one time, the Hermanns tortoise was one of the most common tortoises in the pet trade. They have gradually been supplanted by other more tropical species but they are still a highly regarded pet. They are the original Mediterranean tortoise, being native to the whole Mediterranean region.  They are hardy, personable, and moderate in size (5" to 6" for most males and  8" to occasionally 10" for larger females. They are an excellent beginner species for those looking to work with tortoises. They are non-aggressive towards people and with a reasonable amount of effort, can be enticed to breed in the average caretakers home. They quickly associate their owners with "bringers of food" and often come running when they see you approach. They require a moderately sized habitat (40 to 50 gallon "Critter Keeper" tank size) kept moderately warm and dry to be happy and healthy.  Their general care is the same as that found on our "Tortoise Care"  page.


We are currently only working with a small number of Hermann's with only two girls currently large enough to finally breed. That said, they are very productive and we already have several clutches incubating for 2015. 1st hatchings are hopefully due in late March/April. We also hope to occasionally have a few captive born hatchlings available from fellow breeders as well as the occasional acclimated imported adolescent (4") ranched specimens available for resale.  If you're looking for a hatchling, check with us and get on our "Wanted" list.    


We ship based on the prevailing weather patterns between us and you. Usually we can ship most weeks, but when large storms/severe heat/cold are forecasted, we prefer to hold off.   Please see  "Deer Fern Farms Ordering / Prices" for ordering information.


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