Patterned Greek Tortoise (T. graeca)

Lace Greek Semi-Laced Normal Patterned Greek


The Patterned Greek Tortoise is the "original" Greek tortoise, named for the distinctive "Greek lettering- like" markings on it's shell.  They have a very large home range encompassing numerous countries and fragmented by multiple mountain ranges, rivers, or other physical barriers that limit the degree of interbreeding between the semi-isolated populations. Their adult size, shell color and pattern thus vary between these populations reflecting the differing selection pressures and environmental conditions. We've selected for individuals that tend to exhibit smaller than average adult size (4 to 6") and as much orange or salmon pink coloration as possible in their shin and shells.  This coloration is likely heavily influenced by diet but no doubt their is also some genetic predisposition to be able to express these colors. Within these we are trying to select a breeding group of  individuals with "Lace" patterns. This is exemplified by a generally horn to pale orange colored shell with each individual scute outlined in jet black and containing a central black spot or teardrop.  The less additional stray black markings, the better for what we're trying to produce.  Selective breeding in tortoises is an extremely long term project - but you have to start somewhere.

Care for the patterned Greeks is essentially identical to that for the Golden Greeks  so please our caresheet for them (Testudo Tortoise Caresheet) .  It's too soon to predict when we might have offspring from this group, but if they follow the path of our Goldens, it will be a year or two before they settle in and produce for us.  In the mean time we will be releasing a few extra males and if available, pairs, as they enter the country. So please contact us if a Greek tortoise is on your wish list.


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